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Network of Oregon Watershed Councils

3rd Biennial Watershed Council Gathering.

Hood River, Oregon Nov 13-16

The 2007 Watershed Council Gathering is a biennial "gathering" of watershed professionals from around the state of Oregon. The purpose of the gathering is to raise awareness, build partnerships, and build capacity for watershed councils statewide. The event is hosted by the Network of Oregon Watershed Councils whose mission is to support the work of Oregonís watershed councils to enhance watershed health and benefit their local communities. This yearís event was well attended by watershed councils, local, state, and federal natural resource agencies, environmental consulting firms, non-profit organizations, and a variety of other watershed council partners and conference sponsors. http://oregonwatersheds.org; Info@oregonwatersheds.org.

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====>Click to hear Welcome Address

Hood River County Commissioner Les Perkins welcomes watershed professionals from around the State of Oregon to the 2007 Watershed Council Gathering. In his welcome address, Commissioner Perkins discusses water and energy issues in Hood River County. He recommends that others use the collaborative approach of watershed councils as a model for addressing other environmental challenges. Specifically he suggests using the model to address sustainable local energy production and distribution.

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====>Click to hear The Oregon Plan

Former Oregon Governor John Kitzhaber spearheaded an effort to protect salmon and watersheds in Oregon from 1994 to 2002. Known as "The Oregon Plan" the plan for salmon and watersheds outlines the need for voluntary community based conservation around the state to restore watershed health. In his speech at the 2007 Watershed Council Gathering, Governor John Kitzhaber provides a passionate reminder of the importance of council restoration efforts and the perseverance necessary to accomplish lasting change.

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====>Click to hear Why This Work Matters

In his evening address at the 2007 Watershed Council Gathering, Charles Hudson of the Columbia River Inter-Tribal Fish Commission (CRITFC) offers a powerful and personal message about the commitment we are making to changes that will affect our grandchildren. His speech titled "Why This Work Matters" was both a reminder and an inspiration that sometimes we need to set aside our differences in pursuit of the common good.

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====>Click to hear Addressing Future Environmental Challenges

In his speech at the 2007 Watershed Council Gathering Angus Duncan of the Bonneville Environmental Foundation outlines a broad social and natural context within which councils must work to address future environmental challenges.

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