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Radio Ecoshock

The Radio Ecoshock is the best mix of environment news, interviews, and music. This website is really tremendous. There is so much audio on such a wide variety of Environmental topics that I will never be able to link to everything. Please go to their webpage to find a complete listing of many high quality audio programs: http://www.ecoshock.org/. Also subscribe to the podcast via their RSS feed: http://feeds.feedburner.com/EcoShockNews

Here are descriptions from their website of a few of their Audio Shows related to Environmental Issues:

====>Click to hear " Top 5 "Save the Climate" Speeches of 2006" 12 Jan 2007

We are talking about Al Gore, the former politician; Amory Lovins, a Green gone big time; British journalist sensation George Monbiot; Pulitzer-prize winning investigator Ross Gelbspan; the official World Watcher, Lester Brown; and perhaps urban critic James Howard Kuntsler with the Peak Oil movement. Radio Ecoshock has assembled their latest speeches on how to get out of the heat, in a special section of free downloads, at www.ecoshock.org.

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Here are descriptions from their website of a few of their Audio Shows related to Environmental Issues:

====>Click to hear "Ice Quake!" 01 Jan 2007

The Arctic Ice is disappearing much faster than anyone thought possible. Events which were supposed to take centuries are occurring now.

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Here are descriptions from their website of a few of their Audio Shows related to Environmental Issues:

====>Click to hear "Climate Map of Doon" 23 Dec 2006

Last week the Radio Ecoshock internet station went down for two days, while we shivered in the dark with no electricity, along with a quarter million other Vancouver area residents. Trees more than three hundred years old were knocked down, whole parks flattened. But the local newspaper managed to find one climate expert who says that's just weather. Nothing to do with climate change, just move along folks

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Here are descriptions from their website of a few of their Audio Shows related to Environmental Issues:

====>Click to hear "SOLAR CHILL - WORLD CHANGING TECH" 18 Dec 2006

Once in a while we run across real "world-changing" technology. This is the real thing: a refrigeration system that uses solar power - and doesn't require toxic batteries.

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Here are descriptions from their website of a few of their Audio Shows related to Environmental Issues:

====>Click to hear "Will Warming End Snow Sports" 09 Dec 2006

In this Ecoshock Feature (click title above to listen/download) we cover the disappearance of snow in the highly unusual warm start to winter in Europe. World Cup ski races in the most famous resorts of the Alps have been cancelled. The hills are bare. Some are offering hiking tours instead.

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Here are descriptions from their website of a few of their Audio Shows related to Environmental Issues:

====>Click to hear "Ritter, Hersh Vs. a Mad Iranian War" 27 Nov 2006

In the spring of 2006, the celebrated journalist Seymour Hersh warned the United States was considering using nuclear weapons to wipe out suspected Iranian nuclear processing sites. Now, the tide appears to have turned against the Neo-Con warmongers. Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld has resigned over failures and scandals in Iraq. The Democrats have regained control of both the House and the Senate.

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Here are descriptions from their website of a few of their Audio Shows related to Environmental Issues:

====>Click to hear "MONBIOT: A Man for All Climates" 20 Nov 2006

Millions of people have come to rely on George Monbiot as a clear-headed investigator into the threats and possible solutions to climate change.

Through his regular columns in Britain's respected Guardian newspaper, his books, and appearances on television and radio, Monbiot has become more than a journalist. He's an activist and a player in the greatest drama unfolding in human history.

============== ============== ==============

====>Click to hear "The Nairobi Mess" 18 Nov 2006

It's a mess in Nairobi Kenya, as nations scramble to legitimize a policy of doing nothing. These are the climate talks trying to establish climate talks, in the future, to discuss the future. And no one can agree on that.

============== ============== ==============

====>Click to hear "FISH COLLAPSE BY 2048" 07 Nov 2006

That's what kills me about mass media news. Horrors never known can be reported in those news voices, followed immediately by the trivial. As though the disappearance of fish in the sea is just another story.

============== ============== ==============

====>Click to hear "METHANE PRIMER" 24 Oct 2006

The United States, the world's largest source of human-made greenhouse gases, has ditched global efforts to control carbon dioxide pollution. Instead, following an alternative suggested by top NASA scientists, including James Hansen, America has developed a plan to control trace gases in the atmosphere, principally methane.

============== ============== ==============

====>Click to hear "THE METHANE FIX"

This is the third in a series of broadcasts about the American-led alternative to controlling carbon dioxide emissions, in the desperate fight to control global climate change. The first part was an interview with Dr. Phil Austen an atmospheric scientist. That was followed by a primer on methane: what it is, where it comes from, and how it damages both our health and the climate. These can be downloaded from our website at www.ecoshock.org.

============== ============== ==============

====>Click to hear "SMOG AND CLIMATE CHANGE" 17 Oct 2006

Canada's Prime Minister Stephen Harper adopts American plans, or lack of plans, to combat climate change. For one thing, he claims he will clean up city smog, and that will fix the warming ruining Canada's arctic.

============== ============== ==============

10 Oct 2006

In late September, the world's most expensive energy project, to develop the world's largest Natural Gas and oil field, skidded over an embankment. Suddenly, environmental permits were denied. At the highest levels, London, Washington, and Wall Street are protesting. Like a new revolution, Putin's Russia launches an energy battle, ticking away below the radar of the latest scandal headlines in the West.

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====>Click to hear "Toward a Carbonless Economy" 01 Oct 2006

Here's an interview with Guy Dauncey, author of "Stormy Weather: 101 Solutions to Climate Change."

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====>Click to hear "Climate Change Worries A to Z" 14 Sept 2006

Set to music, and read by a variety of computer voices, this is a reading of climate change impacts announced by governments and scientists, as compiled by:


Although created by a bit of skeptic, this web page leads to the original articles. Very handy.

============== ============== ==============

====>Click to hear "BIG BROWN CLOUD: GLOBAL DIMMING" 08 Sept 2006

What is global dimming? We go to the discoverer of the Asian Brown Cloud, Veerabhadran Ramanthan, in this except from the film "Oceans and Air" produced by the Scripps Institute, University of California, Davis. It's part of a series called Scripps Explorations 2005, as found on Google Video. The whole film, including a segment on un-manned ocean research is half an hour. Despite the famously boring background music, and the standard educational announcer's voice, Ramanthan himself explains key understandings about climate change.

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====>Click to hear "Croc Hunter Steve Irwin Dies" 04 Sept 2006

The famous Australian "Crocodile Hunter" and environmentalist Steve Irwin was killed September 4th, 2006, during filming in the Great Barrier Reef. Apparently he was swimming over a large Sting Ray, in shallow water, when the Ray stung him in the chest, perhaps causing a heart attack. He was 44, leaving his wife and TV partner Terri and their two children.

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====>Click to hear "The NEW HEAT AGE" 05 Aug 2006

Steaming in the heat, Europeans and North Americans know we are entering a new Heat Age.

============== ============== ==============

====>Click to hear "BRUCE STERLING Author, Cyber-green" 08 July 2006

We're going to take a whirl-wind tour of a whirl-wind: one Michael Bruce Sterling. He's a science-fiction writer, working visionary, and cyber-green activist. Along the way, we'll encounter the Planet of the Dumps, green design, SPIMES, total tracking of everything. Oh yeah, and the mega-threat of climate change.

============== ============== ==============

====>Click to hear "Kick It Over - Derrick Jensen" 22 June 2006

Do we have to stamp out civilization to save the planet?

The American author and activist Derrick Jensen thinks so, and offers his body to defeat the organized beast that is stripping the planet of forests, soil, and species.

============== ============== ==============

====>Click to hear "MAD COW LURKING" 14 June 2006

"I hope that your realize that Mad Cow disease has not gone away. We have over five million people in North America today being diagnosed as having Alzheimer's. When they actually did a study at Pitsburg's vetran's hospital, they found that 5 and a half percent of the people that died that were diagnosed with Alzheimer's really had CJD, the human form of Mad Cow disease. They did another study like that at Yale University and they found that 13 percent were misdiagnosed. That means that we have right now, in North America, about 500,000 people a year dying from the human form of Mad Cow disease, and our governments are saying that we should have less than 350."

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====>Click to hear " EXXON'S GHOSTS - Toxic Oil" 13 May 2006

Have we heard the real truth about the Exxon Valdez oil spill? Who cares - it's old laundry. Anyway, I heard on the news that nature has healed herself. Move along, it's all over, nothing to see here.

At least that's what the world's biggest oil company, Exxon Mobile, has told us, through the scientists, lawyers, and public relations companies they've hired. In media, you get what you pay for.

============== ============== ==============

====>Click to hear "Climate: The Music of the Tree Killers" 09 May 2006

"Among the most visible impacts of climate change anywhere on Earth, are those brought by the Spruce Bark Beetle. Over the past 15 years, it has killed some 40 million trees in Southern Alaska, more than any other insect in North America's recorded history.

Two hard winters are usually enough to control beetle numbers, but a run of mild winters in recent years has seen them rage out of control. The Spruce Budworm is another threat to the trees - the female budworms laying 50 percent more eggs at 77 degrees Fahrenheit, than at 59 degrees Fahrenheit."

============== ============== ==============

====>Click to hear "Bio-Crisis: THE GREAT EXTINCTION" 05 April 2006

At least one in eight plants are threatened. Half of land animals, and most of large ocean species. may disappear during our childrens' lives. We are coming to the greatest mass extinction ever known, including historic meteor strikes. The very fabric of living creation that populates our planet, and our life experiences, is going to gone.

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====>Click to hear "PIT OF MADNESS: URANIUM MINING" 26 March 2006

George Bush, Tony Blair, and John Howard want to bring back nuclear power from the graves of Three Mile Island and Chernobyl. They say it's a clean, safe solution to climate change, and a replacement for dwindling oil supplies. Environment icons like George Monbiot, Stewart Brand, and James Lovelock are now endorsing nuclear power, as the Way Out.

The whole radioactive scheme is dangerous and insane - from uranium mining, through billion year lifetime reactor waste, and so-called "depleted" uranium bombs and bullets, - all the inevitable way to weapons which incinerate whole cities full of people. We call this social disease the nuclear industry. Today, we take a look at the beginning of it all: uranium mining, the pit of madness.

============== ============== ==============

====>Click to hear "SHOCKING CLIMATE NEWS" 21 March 2006

Wakey, wake-up, it's alarming climate news from Radio Ecoshock.

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====>Click to hear "CONFESSION OF AN AUTO-HOLIC" 17 March 2006

I love to drive. You could say I'm an auto-holic.

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====>Click to hear "THE BIG CRUSH - Population Hits 6.5 Billion" 04 March 2006

The former news network CNN combines alarm and trivia. Two models with smiles the size of the screen announce Planet Earth now has 6.5 billion people. Immediately, the camera veers away to show us a captive whale blowing bubbles that look like smoke rings. These are glad tidings, an intelligent mammal in a concrete box and a planet overloaded with suffering humans. Cut to Samantha Good, with the latest exclusive update on little Jennifer, who disappeared last night from a Kentucky shopping mall...

============== ============== ==============

====>Click to hear "LET'S TALK ABOUT SMOG" 16 feb 2006

Hi, I'm Alex Smith from Radio Ecoshock. In my last broadcast, "The Polluted Womb," we followed the science given to top government advisors, proving vehicle exhaust is poisoning a new generation. Smog causes an increase in diseases, and descreased mental capacity, starting in the womb.

============== ============== ==============

====>Click to hear "THE POLLUTED WOMB" 08 Feb 2006

That's right. Classrooms full of wheezing kids with inhalers in their pockets. Post modern kids have damaged DNA, and diminished IQ, because chemicals are hitting them right in the womb, in their earliest stages of development.

============== ============== ==============

====>Click to hear "REVENGE OF GAIA" 26 Jan 2006

The headline: Hazy days impede Beijing's blue sky goal. Yep, in China, even the sky is expected to meet government targets. But don't call it SMOG. That sooty guck is just "mid-air suspending haze."

============== ============== ==============

====>Click to hear "End Coal Now (or Earth burns)" 17 Jan 2006

You've heard the news. 30% of arctic ice gone. Floods, storms, fires. We're pushing the earth over a very big climate cliff. The time for talk is over. We need to act now.

============== ============== ==============

====>Click to hear "CANADA'S TAR BABY" 13 Jan 2006

As a self-styled progressive country, Canada just hosted the Kyoto and Climate Convention meetings in Montreal last December. Various government ministers, including Prime Minister Martin, made speeches and twisted arms for international action on climate change.

But under the hood, Canada remains the SUV gas guzzler.

============== ============== ==============

====>Click to hear " Murder in the Deep" 06 Jan 2006

In one of the greatest environmental movies ever made, the desperate hordes of humans eat green factory-made squares called "Soylent Green." These food cakes were supposedly made out of rich plankton protein from the seas, but then a researcher finds a report that ocean life has long since expired.

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Please visit the Radio Ecoshock webpage: http://ecoshock.org


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