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Vegan Organic Network


      Founded in 1996, the Vegan-Organic Network, VON, is an ambitious UK registered charity with an international network of active supporters. Our aims are to research and promote vegan-organic (also known as stockfree organic) methods of agriculture and horticulture throughout the world so that green, clean and cruelty-free food becomes widely available.
      Vegan-organic/stockfree organic broadly means any system of cultivation that excludes artificial chemicals, livestock manures, animal remains from slaughterhouses, genetically modified material and indeed anything of animal origin such as fishmeal.
      From large farms to window boxes, we show farmers and home growers how to use vegan-organic methods. Our supporters include people of many viewpoints, some involved in growing food, some not, but all united in recognising the need for a fundamental restructuring of food production methods and land use and their importance for human well-being, for animal welfare and biodiversity and in the battle for environmental sustainability.
      We publish a magazine "Growing Green International". There is also a free advice service for members of the public, home growers, smallholders and farmers. Through our Stockfree Organic Services wing, farms can be certified as Stockfree Organic; our Stockfree Organic Standards are inspected by the Soil Association in the UK and QCS in North America. We organise farm walks, allotment and garden visits and volunteer placements on stockfree organic holdings, publish guides for farmers and home growers, support higher education in our methods and as they say, much more.
      Please explore our work via the links available at www.veganorganic.net, where there are audio and video presentations about our work, plus information about how to grow veganorganically yourself.

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Go Vegan With Bob Linden


Listen to the Go Vegan with Bob Linden Radio Show.

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Gentle World

Gentle World

A non-profit educational organization since 1979, dedicated to enhancing the quality of life by educating the public as to the benefits of a plant-based diet and sustainable lifestyle.

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Welcome to the Green Podcast Directory

This is intended to become the home of a new 'Green Podcast Directory', a collection of green friendly podcasts of all sorts. We focus on podcasts dedicated to ecological wisdom, social justice, non-violence and grassroots democracy.

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Water Music

Water Music (http://www.water-music.org/) is an international, non-profit project designed to help the Earth's waters. Through the arts and music, the project is helping to create a visceral and joyful awareness about water. The project, aided by the many performances, lectures, art shows and other events associated with it, also raises revenue to help water.

The Water Music book maybe be purchased from the University of Michigan press at this website. Marjorie Ryerson, the author, donates 100% of her net royalties from the sale of Water Music to the Water Music Fund of the United Nations Foundation.

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