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Chinese Podcast


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====>Right Click to Download 素食拯救地球

环保看上去是一个既熟悉而又陌生的字眼. "地球只有一个" "请节约用水" 等字眼闪亮而又耀眼. 但事实上, 有一种简单的个人选择能够最有效的拯救奄奄一息的地球 --纯素食. 今天的广播中, 我将向大家介绍素食和环保的关系.

周莹北京外国语大学 国际关系学院大四学生, 北外素食协会创始人:

In this podcast, Stella Zhou will talk about how meat and dairy production leads to environment degradation, shortage of resources, and global food crisis. Veganism is one of the most far-reaching personal, practical and ethical choices that every human being can make to save the planet. Contact: Stella Zhou, senior student from Beijing Foreign Studies University and founder of BFSU Vegetarian Society stellazhouying@gmail.com Audio editing: http://H2Opodcast.com

The music is by Catz in the Hatz

Copyright © 2009 周莹, All Rights Reserved.

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这段影片是由英国素食协会制作的 http://www.vegsoc.org/

以下链接是本片YouTube简体中文版本 http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vBfhX7PWHRI


Please view this important Video "Devour The Earth". This film was produced by the Vegetarian Society: http://www.vegsoc.org/

Here is the link to the YouTube Chinese version of the film:

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